Axionlog gets Best Supplier on innovation Award

Axionlog gets Best Supplier on innovation Award


Last February 12th Axionlog received the Best Supplier on innovation Award from MCD. That award acknowledges Axionlog´s merit of implementing new actions on processes.

The main points were:

Project Proactive

PresentationBusiness Improvements

Implemented in Cancún, Monterrey y Cuatitlán for 77 shops, the night delivery project stands out the confidence with our client.

We reinforced the communication channels monitoring the order status in 3 different schedules.

Facing the complaints of 2017 that were generated from the exorbitant gasoline and diesel prices, we ensured a continuous operation generating delivery alternatives, for instance, the air shipment that with which we achieved delivering near Oaxaca.

Also, we gave support with transport services for food deliveries to rescue workers during the last September tremor. These facts are proofs of our mission as a company: “We are a team of professionals that work for realizing our clients of logistics and giving the opportunity of focusing on the core of their business, optimizing the supply chain by solution-fitted and adding value to make easer the growing of its business”.