Third Party Logistics – 3PL


 Our custom-made Logistics Services Third Party Logistics (3PL), are the fundamental part  of your supply chain. Efficient and cost-effective results, allow you to leverage on our extensive experience and thus achieve the maximum profitability for your business. This service covers the process from the supply source to the delivery at each sales point.

3PLQualityStorageTransportService OrdersManagement


Achievement of a higher degree of responsibility and monitoring of the logistics operations.

Focus on the Core Business.

Control and optimization of inventory, thus reducing working capital.

Elimination of indirect structure costs (overhead).


Continuous improvement processes

At reception we control temperature, physical conditions, packaging and useful life according to standards defined with our customers.

We perform Stock Recovery and / or Recall.

We ensure standards compliance through international audits.

Temperature control and traceability

We record the temperature using thermographs at all stages of the logistic process.

We guarantee the traceability of the product throughout the supply chain.


Flow optimization

We coordinate supplier deliveries, scheduling them in an online system.

Cold chain

We electronically monitor our Multi-temperature cameras.

We guarantee the continuity of the operation against power outages by generators.

We minimize loss of cold in loading and unloading docks using hydraulic platforms, dock shelters and speed doors.

We apply the latest technologies in refrigeration systems.

International audits

We ensure compliance with international standards via audits (DQMP, HACCP, AIB, and ISO).

World Class Infrastructure

We design our distribution centers using specific Know How for our customers by segment.

We avoid the contamination of products with the use of electrical equipment.

We minimize maintenance designing our floors for high traffic.

We reduce energy costs using ceilings with natural lighting and LED lamps.


Online monitoring and optimal routing

24 hours monitoring of our entire fleet through GPS.

We optimize routes using a system of allocation of an optimal route.

We manage the operation through an online transport system (TMS).

Cold chain

We guarantee the temperature in our routes using trucks with double evaporator and thermographs.

We ensure the compliance with the highest standards.

Delivery in sales points

We minimize the download times at the sales points using hydraulic platforms.

We provide assisted and / or nocturnal unload in stores.

Reverse logistics

We offer traceability in reverse logistics processes, including management of containers.



Customer Service System

Through a unified service channel, we provide personalized assistance 24x7.

We also offer the possibility of carrying out your own management and tracking through online consultation.

Order taking system

We optimize and facilitate the process of orders taking, including critical products and management of substitutes, carrying out all the management through our online system.


Forecasting & Planning

We optimize inventories of our customers and suppliers, reducing working capital by estimating demand with high precision.

Foreign trade

We guarantee transparency in all end-to-end processes of imports and exports from the loading to their nationalization.

We obtain synergies by consolidating the volume using our regional presence.

Interaction with suppliers

We ensure the suppliers’ delivery, proactively tracking the purchase orders, under a work scheme that uses early warnings in making daily decisions and thus ensuring continuous improvement.


We audit the consumption of goods and the franchises scheme.
We carry out and manage the stock purchase.
We manage a compensating account to face potential economic impacts.
We provide monthly working capital reports.
We integrate the franchises to Purchasing within the system.


Regional Technology Structure

Applications and technology corporate system, taking advantage of synergies and Best Practices.

High Availability / Confidential information:
Telecom World Class Datacenter.

Applications and specialized tools:
Corporate agreement with Oracle for solutions and worldwide support.

Acquired and custom-made specialized tools.

Technology map

  • Oracle Database, ERP JD Edwards.
  • Planning of Tools Group SO99 +.
  • Axiodis Router
  • Vertical modules: SRA, SRT, STP, STI, SAC, KPI.
  • Oracle Hyperion Business Intelligence
  • KPI:
    1. Service Levels
    2. Analysis of supplier’s performance
    3. Inventory Levels
    4. Transport statistics

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AFS keeps growing, adding its first truck to Axionlog Mexico fleet

  We are proud of announcing that on February 6th Axionlog have stated operating its first truck for proving service to AFS business unit.   The truck is a Freightliner 360, a light truck with a cab over design. That design allows the tuck to have more load space than a conventional truck, making possible having a short truck with good visibility and a big turning radius. This vehicle will transport up to 5 tons. It has a refrigerated trailer with capacity of 6 pallets, chilled by Carrier Supra 660 equipment.   This new is a proof that Axionlog keeps supporting its new business unit.

Axionlog gets Best Supplier on innovation Award

  Last February 12th Axionlog received the Best Supplier on innovation Award from MCD. That award acknowledges Axionlog´s merit of implementing new actions on processes.

Axionlog: The first Mexican company that received IFS Logistics certification

Axionlog has become the first Mexican company that certified their distribution centers meeting IFS standards.

Axionlog in Expo La Barra 2017

The exhibition took place in Compensar convention center in Bogotá. Expo La Barra gathered more than 500 leaders of HORECA sector, illustrating new trends and developing opportunities.